Virtual reality supporting consumer’ tests

January 25, 2019

Virtual reality is one of the latest technologies at our disposal to upgrade consumer tests. Recent developments in the field have widened the way VR can be used in market research and in product testing. Latest technological innovations were made possible thanks to more easily available and less expensive materials.


Since VR has appeared, technology has been constantly changing and improving, thus generating an increasing interest among industrials. They saw the opportunity to integrate context more efficiently in consumer research and thus to expand their activities.


Last September, Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences co-organized a roundtable on virtual reality with Ouest MEDIAS and Tutkii and CEA Tech, during the Nantes Digital Week event.

It, was the opportunity for visitors to visit Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences offices in Saint-Herblain and to discover its different structures. This communication was dedicated to presenting their SensoVR project (more precisions below).


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On this occasion, we met Pierre Minier, CEO of Ouest MEDIAS, and had the opportunity to interview him. He shared his knowledge and expertise about virtual and digital technologies with us and opened our eyes on all the possibilities VR could offer.

Ouest MEDIAS is a digital agency, focused on innovation and technology. Because of the constant evolution of virtual reality, research and development is a large part of their business.


Facing an increasing interest of clients towards virtual technologies, Ouest MEDIAS decided to go a step further and to create an internal start-up dedicated to virtual reality, named Tutkii. Tutkii task force joined Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences to help developing SensoVR, a solution integrating virtual reality in consumer tests.


Its innovative approach consists in allowing the consumer to be immersed in a realistic virtual universe. Thanks to this technology, “the consumer travels without moving”. SensoVR was created to allow different set-ups and experimental designs always trying to make sensory tests available to a larger population. When a consumer is wearing VR glasses, he is immersed in the experience through virtual scenes but also background sound ambience. He is able to manipulate real physical objects in the virtual world which allows full immersion and self-handling of objects by consumers.


The huge advantage for the client is the opportunity to test its products in real conditions. For example, to test a coffee, it is possible to create a virtual bar scene reproducing the real ambiance of such a place. Thanks to that, consumers test the products (almost) in real conditions and results are more significant.


Tutkii’s interest in participating in SensoVR project was to “reinvent the audiovisual profession” and thanks to that, to propose an innovative solution for Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences. Next step for SensoVR is to have the possibility to collect data in a centralized way thus enabling to propose a real added value to customers.  

Every day, technology is growing and it is now possible to integrate “gestural movements” for example. It gives the consumer more possibilities of choices and allows the client to collect more significant data.


For further information, SensoVR solution is available, on demand. As time goes on, delays are going down.


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