The scented experience of virtual reality

December 19, 2018

On the occasion of the Nantes Digital Week event last September, Mérieux NutriSciences presented its new tool of Virtual Reality, in front of many actors of Digital and Marketing Studies.


Technological advances now allow marketers to expand their «playground». Indeed, we have already witnessed consumer immersion through the introduction of smell and visual environments, and even the use of 360° videos, but until now these methods have been limited to space and technical constraints. This new virtual reality tool overtakes these constraints and allows for consumer immersion in an ultra-realistic environment conveying a total sensory experience.


Technical innovation, which makes it a unique tool in marketing research to date, is the synchronization and interaction of real and virtual worlds. Indeed, the consumer can “enter” in the virtual world while testing real products in an autonomous way.


This day was an opportunity for the participants to test the tool before anyone else, and among them, Mr. Christophe Deroo from “Expressions Parfumées” company. Creating perfumes and being a true agitator of emotions, the company has set the daily challenge to innovate and imagine the fragrances of tomorrow in a creative way.


Mr. Christophe Deroo, tells us about his experience with the tool.


Subtitles available by clicking on setting>subtitles>auto translate


Although still young, this media allows an original storytelling and customized scenarios extending the product’s universe. Immersed in real-time product experience and in real-time product experience and in realistic situations, the consumer accesses very quickly to all its functionalities, immediately discovering their added value and eliminating the physical presence of the investigator. More than an opinion, behavioral data emerge from the  tool.


This project was held by two partners from Nantes region: CEA Tech, a reference in cutting-edge technologies and pioneer in virtual reality applied to many sectors and Tutkii Ouest Médias, a growing player in the digital world.



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