Diet habits are important for your health, a matter of microbiome modulation

October 12, 2018

Last October, 3-7th, the second "Nantes Food Forum" was organized in Nantes by 'Le Voyage à Nantes'.

Five days to discuss and think about the "nutrition of tomorrow" in line with human health.


Biofortis was a sponsor of the event and participated to the discussion on the microbiome during a roundtable named: "The gut our second brain". 


Dr Françoise Le Vacon, our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), took part in this roundtable with Pr Michel Neunlist, Research Director at Nantes University (UMR 1235 Inserm).


To introduce the subject of the roundtable, Biofortis broadcasted its motion design: "What is the Microbiota?"


This roundtable was the opportunity to get Françoise Le Vacon's own vision on the importance of conducting clinical trials in nutrition and exploring the microbiome for health insights. She exposed a global microbiome state of the art:

  • In the present days, we are not able to treat patients through microbiota intervention with drug.

  • Microbiome is essentialy used for clinical research to understand interactions between microbiome, nutrition, immune system, etc. 

  • Some therapies are already used like fecal transplantation.

  • We are able to intervene on the microbiome by providing certain type of ingredients, probiotics, prebiotics.

  • In certain cases, Microbiome prevent certain type of pathology like digestive inflammation, diarrhea etc. 

  • A diversified alimentation can benefit in having a diversified microbiome.

She explained that "today, the microbiome research is mainly exploratory. There is no drug to cure a pathology, except the results with FMT (fecal microbiota transplantation) for recurent infection with Clostridium difficile (see our Newsletter #4) and a few other promising clinical results such as in Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis or a case-study in India studying the significant decrease of infections when the infant took a probiotic after antibiotic treatment. Promising results were obtained in autistic mice with probiotic supplemented diet."

Our approach covering clinical trials allows Biofortis to occupy a specific place in the CRO sphere. Biofortis helps its customers during their product development process to better develop products for consumer by generating several kinds of scientific evidence.


Dr Le Vacon stressed that it is important to assess:

  • The efficacy of food supplements and other dietary ingredients.

  • The real and measured efficacy with high quality services in clinical trials including metabolic and physiological exploration

  • The 4P approach (Performance, Pleasure, Perception and Personalization)  via sensory & consumer evaluations.    

  • Microbiota research studies to determine the impact of health products and other products

  • Confirmatory studies in support of product launches.


She concluded that a ‘diversified microbiome’ might be relevant to human health. People should have a diversified diet and healthy diet. ‘Listening to our gut is important’.







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