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Personalized Medicine: Biofortis was at the Health Tech Tour 2018

October 5, 2018

Last September, the 20th, the “Heath Tech Tour” was organized in Nantes by Atlanpole. The main topic was Personalized Medicine.


This event was opened to the different stakeholders in e-medicine, Biotech, Medtech and the ‘silver-economy’ (senior economy). The objective of the Heath Tech Tour was to share information on startups’ innovation, scientists and health organizations.


Dr Françoise LE VACON, our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in Biofortis, was invited at the roundtable: ”Why are we talking about personalized medicine ?”. This discussion was shared with Cyril LONCLE (Directeur Pôle Médical chez IDBC), Mathieu GALTIER (Project Leader at OWKIN), and Pr Stéphane TIRARD (EA 1161 Science University, Nantes).


"Today and in the future, we will be developing the personalized medicine for 1 person with 1 disease or 1 risk of disease. The personalized medicine can also be seen as 4P medicine: Personalized / Predictive / Preventive / Participative”, said Françoise Le Vacon. “After a very general medicine, for few decades, we have been developing the medicine of ‘stratification’, in which we deliver a treatment to a group of patients quite homogeneous with similar biomarkers and phenotypes, for breast cancer as an example.


She gave her own definition of “personalized medicine”: "it concerns all disciplines that will focus on:

 - Defining people at risk of developing a disease (genetic / microbiome)

- Defining and delivering the right treatment, at the right time

- Monitoring the evolution of the disease and Predict the response to treatments (efficacy and toxicity)

- Taking into account the quality of life of the patient


It implies to define and develop biomarkers and to collect a lot of data about the patient, nutrition, and medication and lifestyle habits."


The discussion highlighted the importance of "the types and the quality” of the collected data and the “evolution of the regulation” of data protection. Pr Tirard talked about the “Health Data programs” that have for main objective to structure research on how to use big data and algorithms in personalized medicine – in particular with human and social sciences.


Another roundtable was about the new organizations of health facilities. One of the highlights was that the hospital of Nantes already mobilizes ‘the patient’ for his care-admission through the web at home. They talked about some new companies such as Vivalto   that accompany the patient all along his care journey, to prepare his admission, his stay at the hospital, his treatments, his appointments etc…


A third roundtable discussed the evolution of the patient journey. Patients prefer to stay at home especially in the case of chronic disease such as diabetes. This means that health facilities need to organize and reinforce the links with the city medicine. Regarding the aging population, social isolation is the main concern of elderly people  with fear of falling or lack of accessibility to structures. They cited an example of a company that has developed ‘connected shoes’ that people will buy through prescription, once a year! Moreover, telemedicine is now reimbursed in France and it will surely expand strongly!



Dr.Françoise Le Vacon is the chief scientific officer of Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences. 



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