Demonstrating health improvements and building convincing health-claim dossiers through nutritional clinical trials

September 7, 2018


Dingqiang Li, Ph.D is speaker at Vitafoods Asia, on September 11th (13:30-14:10)


Dingqiang Li, Ph.D. is the clinical research project manager at Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences, China. He leads the team responsible for marketing strategy consultation, scientific design and implementation of nutritional clinical trials in China and processes rich experience in various aspects of conducting clinical trials in China. He closely communicates with clinical research centers of Biofortis in Europe and North America, clients and local key opinion leaders. Dr. Li received his doctorate training of biological engineering from Utah State University, USA. Prior to that, he got his Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from Northwest A&F University, China and worked as veterinarian for 3 years.


You can find the conference brochure by clicking on this link.


The conference of Dingqiang Li will introduce the following topics:

  • Outlining the regulatory requirements for health-claim dossiers in China

  • Introducing good clinical practice (GCP) to help navigate through the basic elements and steps of clinical trials

  • Understanding the requirements for conducting clinical trials in China and reviewing real world cases


A major challenge in today’s nutrition and health industry is the ability to demonstrate health improvement in dietary intake. Apparently, such demonstrations would be in the interest of health-conscious consumers and would help companies to build convincing health-claim dossiers for regulatory requirements. Clinical trial on human participants, together with state-of-the-art medical science and strict ethic consciousness, should be employed to address this challenge. As China has the largest consumer population in the world, conducting clinical trial in China is an emerging need in both commercial and scientific aspects. Firstly, an educational briefing about good clinical practice (GCP) will be given to help unexperienced audiences to navigate through the basic elements and steps of clinical trial. Then, unique requirements for conducting clinical trial in China will be comprehensively reviewed with real world cases. Truthful suggestions and comments will be provided. The last, but not the least, a recent clinical trial conducted in multi-center of China will be shared accordingly.





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