Better Food for Better Health: Murielle Cazaubiel

July 5, 2018

6th Better Foods for Better Health – Childhood nutrition: building a healthy life


Better Foods for Better Health Symposium supports sharing knowledge to drive progress and improve nutrition in developing and industrialized countries. 


This year’s edition of Better Foods for Better Health Symposium is the sixth of a series of symposia held once every two years at Les Pensières Center for Global Health, dedicated to sharing the latest scientific developments in nutrition in both developed and developing countries by bringing together scientists, industry players and public policy makers.


Interview with Murielle Cazaubiel, Biofortis Mérieux NutriSciences Managing Director


In 1991-1992 Murielle was Engineer in Research & Development for Nantes' University Hospital (CHU) to manage its intellectual property and the application and use of the Huriet law related to the Biomedical tests and clinical trials' processes.

Between 1993 and 2001 Murielle was in charge of a team to create and develop the management of clinical trials at the Nantes' University Hospital (CHU).

From this high expertise practicing and establishing clinical trials’ protocols during ten years, Murielle created her own Company, BIOFORTIS, in 2002, to offer top level services especially in the nutrition field.

In 2009, BIOFORTIS has joined the Mérieux group and Murielle has contributed to the development of the company by developing the clinical Investigation Centre and the Central Lab activities.

Since 2014, Murielle is the Managing Director of Biofortis Europe. With its central lab specialized in metabolism biomarkers, its metagenomic platform dedicated to microbiota analysis and its own investigation clinical center, Biofortis is a leading C.R.O specialized in designing and running of experimental, pre-clinical and clinical research projects.

She also assumed the Presidency of “Atlanpole Biotherapies” (French cluster) during the last 6 years (2012-2018) which purpose is to develop new therapies and accelerate the development of personalized Medicine by facilitating research programs between academics and industrials.


Watch the interview:

"We know that nutrition topic is very important in our health [...] a lot of research topics are now considering the microbiota"

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